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  • Organizzazione: A.S.D. F.O.R.

  • DATE: JANUARY 30th 2021

  • START: 17.00


  • MAXIMUM TIME: :2:00

A.S.D. F.O.R. organizes the 6th Winter Night Run, 12 Km* trail race, inserted in the national calendar of FIDAL (ITALIAN ATHLETICS FEDERATION). It will take place on January 30th 2021, starting at 17.00 from the foot of Lavaredo Three Peaks and arriving at the Nordic Arena in Dobbiaco.

Registration of italian athletes residing anywhere, and foreign athletes residing in italy

In accordance with FIDAL regulations for the organisation of events, participation is open to all the following Italian athletes (residing both in Italy and abroad) and non-Italian athletes residing in Italy, who are at least 18th years old on the date of the Winter NIGHT Run (30th JANUARY):

a) Athletes that are members of associations affiliated to FIDAL, in the different competitive and promotional activities. In case of registration before the renewal of the membership, the athlete shall forward as soon as possible copy of the FIDAL 2020 renewal form, indicating the membership card number.

b) Athletes with Fidal Runcard. Athletes must forward a doctor’s certificate confirming fitness for sports competitions, specifically containing the wording “ATHLETICS”, during the registration phase or subsequently directly on the ENDU portal. The original certificate must also be presented upon collection of the racing bib. These athletes shall be excluded from the awarding of both category and absolute prizes.

c) Athletes that are registered members for Sports Promotion Bodies (Enti di Promozione Sportiva – EPS), only if in possession of appropriate “EPS RUNCARD” issued by Fidal. These athletes must forward a doctor’s certificate confirming fitness for sports competitions, specifically containing the wording “ATHLETICS”, during the registration phase or subsequently directly on the ENDU portal. The original certificate must also be presented upon collection of the racing bib. These athletes shall be excluded from the awarding of both category and absolute prizes.
Athletes with EPS membership only are not eligible to take part in the event.

Registration of athletes without italian membership

Registration is open to Italian/foreign athletes without Italian membership who are in their 18th year of age (therefore born in or before 1997), and meeting at least one of the following requirements:

• Athletes with membership to a club affiliated with non-Italian Athletics Federations recognised by IAAF. Upon registration, athletes must present: self-certificate stating possession of an IAAF recognised membership card. The self-certificate shall then be undersigned (in original) upon collection of the racing bib.

Athletes possessing a Runcard (valid as sports insurance and permission to complete), who are at least 18th years old. However, in addition to the possession of the “RUNCARD”, permission to take part in the event is also subjected to the presentation of a valid doctor’s certificate confirming the fitness of the athlete for participation to athletic events.

The original certificate must be shown to the Organisers, while a copy must be kept by the company organising each event.
For foreign athletes not residing in Italy, the doctor’s certificate may be issued in their country of residence, provided that all the exams contemplated by Italian law are carried out:
a) medical check-up;
b) complete urine test;
c) electrocardiogram at rest and under stress;
d) spirography.

During the ON-LINE registration, the certificate form will be provided in EN-DE. This must be filled and undersigned by the doctor, and forwarded to: Incorrect documentation shall result in the exclusion of the athlete from the competition, without any refund for the registration fee paid.
The Organisers will only accept ON-LINE registrations through the ENDU portal paid by credit card or bank transfer. .

Registration fees

from 001 to 300 – € 24,00
from 301 to 600 – € 27,00
from 601 to 1000 – € 30,00

*Administration charges included; bank charges excluded

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Registration closing date

Registrations will close on January 24th 2020 at 8:00 p.m. (For registrations by bank transfer it will be possible until January 20th). The Organisers reserve the right to close registrations early, as soon as the maximum number of 1.000 participants has been reached.

Failure to attend

The registered athlete who for various reasons can not partecipate at the competition, will not have the possibility to postpone the registration to 2021, but can make a nominal change at the cost of € 6,00. The cahnge will bemade by mail request to the adress: The athlete who takes over must have the requirements for partecipation.

Racing bib collection

Meeting point: Nordic Arena Dobbiaco
Bib number collection from 11.00 to 3.30 p.m. at Nordic Arena
Shuttle Bus Service from Nordic Arena to Lake Landro at 3.30 p.m.

Griglia di partenza

I partecipanti saranno divisi in 2 gruppi, in base al tempo ottenuto nella scorsa edizione, agli atleti che partecipano per la prima volta saranno richiesti i personali sui 10 km. o sulla mezza maratona.


Start at the foot of Tre Cime di Lavaredo towards Landro Lake and direction Dobbiaco along the railway track, passing near Dobbiaco Lake and arrival at Nordic Arena
The track and distance may vary according to the snow and weather conditions, these will be communicated before the start of the race.

Time limit: 2:00 h

Very important

Bring the front lamp (personal), this will not be provided by the organization, and the bib number with integrated chip. The bib number must be applied to the front of the T-shirt. It will be forbidden to use studded shoes, ski or trekking poles and wear shorts, under penalty of disqualification. Use technical clothing for low temperatures.
Athletes who cross the finish line without the front lamp will not be classified.

There will be a refreshment point halfway and a final one arrived at Nordic Arena in Dobbiaco.

Timing e CHIP

Times will be recorded using a microchip, which also gives the possibility of recording the actual time. Chips are strictly personal and cannot be swapped. Competitors not going through the control lanes shall be disqualified. Chips must be worn on the chest.

Their removal shall result in exclusion from the standings. The results will be published on the following website:


Participation using the racing bib of another runner, giving the racing bib to someone else, short-cuts, or any other serious breaches identified by the Organizers, shall result in exclusion from the competition and disqualification, in addition to other disciplinary measures contemplated by FIDAL. The racing bib cannot be removed or reduced.

Insurance: The Organizers have undertaken third party civil responsibility insurance policies for individual injuries.

Image rights: In registering for taking part in the 4th Winter Night Run, the athlete expressly grants to the Organizers and any legal entities with whom the same entertain professional and commercial relations relating and connected with the taking of images of the event, free rights for the use of still images or video feeds on which he/she may appear, shot during his/her participation to the Winter Night Run, on any visual supports, as well as on promotional and/or advertising materials produced and distributed all over the world, for the maximum period of time contemplated by the law, the regulations and the treaties in force, including any extensions that may be applied to the legally set period.

Responsability and privacy: By registering his/her participation to the Winter Night Run, the athlete hereby confirms full knowledge and acceptance of these rules, that everything he/she states is the truth, and to relieve the Organizers from all civil and criminal responsibility for any damage to people and/or property that he/she may cause, or that may result from his/her actions. Information notice according to Art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196 of 30/06/2003 – Protection of privacy.

Change of the race course or cancellation of the competition

The organization reserves the right to modify the race course at any time for reasons of force majeure. In case of unfavorable weather conditions (cold, snow, ice or other), the start can be postponed or canceled, the race can be also interrupted, or the course can be modified (reduced or even extended) to safeguard the safety of athletes and volunteers . In case of bad weather conditions, and for security reasons, the organization reserves the right to suspend the race at any time.
Each decision will be taken in agreement with the Technical Delegate of the event and by the Appeal Judge as far as his authority permits.
In case of cancellation (no start) of the race, there is no refund of the registration fee.

Final warnings

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to modify this regulation at any time for reasons it deems appropriate for a better organization of the competition, after having given notice and obtained approval from FIDAL. Any changes to services, places and times will be communicated to registered athletes or will be reported on the website
In addition, the documentation containing the information essential to take part in the race will be delivered by the organization together with the bib number.


V.I. Cross-country tracks cannot be used for walking / running at all.
The Dobbiaco Toblach APT has kindly allowed the use of the slopes only for the Winter Night Run. In respect for those who are hosting us, we ask to each of our participants to comply with this rule.

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